Thursday, February 5, 2009

Even More Stuff

I have quite a collection of bags bought over the years at museum shops, vacation spots and even the grocery store. Last year, I started making them. I bought this fabulous zinnia print cotton fabric from Walmart, no less, made in the United States of America. If you don't sew, you may not realize how rare this has become. The holstein heifer fabric in photo below is from Korea. Sometimes western fabric from countries other than the U.S. are a bit strange looking. The animals don't quite look right or they have a different "look" that is definitely not western.
Then, I made bags with watermelons, strawberries, pears, cowgirls and more. I loved the way the watermelon bag lined with strawberries turned out. My original motive for making the bags was that I was always forgetting my cloth bags for groceries in the car. About the checkout stand, I would remember them. They were a motley assortment of freebie bags that were, well, just plain ugly. I thought, if the bags were cute, I wouldn't forget them in the the car. You know, I usually don't forget them now! The bags turned out so cute, that I made some for Christmas gifts. My sister says hers are too nice to use!

I just love them and now when the checker at the grocery store asks me, "Paper or plastic?", I reply, I have my own bags, thank you!