Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Armadillo

My blog needs some serious updating.  But I'm too busy to do it now...  So, I post a photo of a lovely armadillo so I don't have to keep looking at garlic salt even though it's really yummy. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Delicious home made garlic salt

I made some garlic salt a few years ago and ran out a couple of months ago. It is really easy to make and so handy. Yes, you can peel a garlic clove every time you want to use some garlic or you can buy pre-peeled garlic or you can buy garlic salt. Nothing holds a candle to home made garlic salt, ahem, in my opinion. Here are 2 different batches of garlic salt and the larger jar holds celery salt. You can see that the smaller jars are different colors. The jar on the left is air dried garlic salt. It wasn't hot enough when I made the middle batch of garlic salt so I put it in the oven on low to hurry up the process and it dried out but got a little yellow. I messed up with the celery salt as it should be made with celery seed not celery stalks. I'm going to keep adding dried celery leaves to the jar as I get them. Maybe I will make a spice mix with it. Oh, and I didn't have jar rings to put on but make sure you do especially if your going to shake the finished salt occasionally to prevent clumping.

You only need 2 ingredients to make garlic salt, fresh garlic and salt. The ratio I used was 2 full heads to one unit salt container. I used regular iodized salt. I have also used sea salt. Iodized salt contains anti-caking ingredients where kosher and sea salt don't. If you use the kosher or sea salt, try to find fine salt. As the garlic salt dries, the salt crystals grow. If the salt grains are large to start with, they get even larger. If they do, you may need to put the garlic salt into a salt grinder or back into the food processor to grind down the salt. It won't fit in a regular salt shaker. I use a pinch when cooking scrambled eggs. Somehow, the larger the salt grains, the larger the pinch, so for those on salt restricted diets, you are forewarned, use small grain salt. This is all I used. My trusty old Cuisinart. If you don't have one just put the garlic through a press or chop it up fine. You only need 2 ingredients to make garlic salt. Fresh garlic and salt. I use the ratio of 2 full heads of garlic per full container of salt. The hardest part of making the garlic salt is peeling the cloves of 2 heads of garlic.

You can see that the crystals can get quite large. If you put it back in the Cuisinart to grind down, let it sit awhile as it makes a powdery cloud of garlic dust. I love to put garlic salt on my meat and in my scrambled eggs just a dash! It's really addicting!
As is my home made granola! Made with fresh picked and air dried blueberries! I have some refinements to make to the recipe before I post it, though. I had such trouble writing this post and arranging the photos (well, I couldn't see some of the photos or get them separated to write comments). I wish Google and Apple would get along better. Anyway, enjoy!