Saturday, March 31, 2012

Alphonse Mucha - Recylced

I didn't know what to expect when I found myself in Prague on my last, (oh, too long ago) vacation.  Since, I had changed my vacation plans at the last moment, I really didn't have a clue about the city, where I was going to stay or what the exchange rate for their currency was.  All I had was my Rick Steves guidebook to go on.  But, the travel bureau sent me to a lovely hotel in the Jewish section of town.  (This I didn't know, although I walked by a pretty old synagogue from the train station on my the to my hotel.)

So, on my wanderings about Prague's old town center, a sign invited me to a combination Dali/Mucha museum and I decided to go and check out the works of the Spanish painter Salvadore Dali since I hadn't a clue about this guy Alphonse Mucha.  I could tell the Czechs had a pretty fervent emotion about him and so very rightly so as I came to agree. And the two ladies in front of me said his name with such a whispered reverence my interest was peaked because they were Spaniards.  After, viewing said museum, I checked out my guidebook again, and found yet another museum dedicated to Alphonse Mucha.  Then, I fell for him and his artwork (although, as the father of Art Nouveau, I just didn't know his name and that that he was pretty much it).  Much to my chagrin, I didn't purchase any prints from the gift store (I've lugged a cardboard tube around on vacation before and wasn't doing that again).  So, I  bought smaller items easier to transport like some very lovely bookmarks for gifts.  Then, I bought a couple of calendars because for some reason, I was compelled to by my very soul and I thought they would fit in my suitcase without too much damage, as I still had many cities to go.

So, after the year was up, I couldn't part with the calendar and decided to have some of the pages matted and framed for my niece's birthday.  She picked the gypsy for her gypsy soul.

And, the harvest girl holding grapes because, that is what she does.

And, this giclee poster is for me, purchased post trip, in a lovely, thrift store frame.  I looked everywhere for ages for a frame to go with it until I found this one.  She hangs in the living room, but it is too dark in there for a good photo.  Until my niece picks up her frames, I am going to enjoy looking at them in there, too.  Maybe she won't like my matte choices?  Maybe, the frames are too big for her apartment and she won't want them.  Maybe I need to go back to Prague and buy another calendar?  Yes?  No?