Sunday, October 28, 2007

Italian footwear fetish

I love Italian shoes. It took a serious amount of talking to myself to not buy these even though they came in pink and purple. I can't imagine wearing these on the streets of Rome, Florence, Naples or Sorrento.

These were even harder to resist because I could have actually worn them without breaking an ankle. Except, I could not think of one social function where I would wear them. But it still took some serious self talking! Those are Swarovski crystals which could explain the price (about $450 US.) Thank God I don't have a social life.

I think that the Italian obsession with shoewear goes back a long time. Here is a rather intricate leather sandal. Definitely not for long marches or police work. They look like a kind of summer sandal.

Here is a very light sandal with a slim strap with what looks like a heart shape.

And these are a pair of men's sandals. Serious, ___kicking shoes. Embossed leather, soft fabric collar with the mini-lion heads. I can't imagine what they would sell for in today's time, although, I admit, I can't imagine any guys I know wearing them. Pity.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Roman interior decorators

I love decorating my house. I think the ancient Romans did, too. Here is a terracotta tile from the Archaeological Museum in Arezzo taken in 2005. I'm not really sure what it is called exactly a terracotta frieze? A terracotta tile. I don't know if it was supposed to hang on the outside of the house or the inside but it is awsome. I almost didn't take this photo as I had just gotten my Nikon D-70 camera and I was slightly embarrassed to be whipping it out to take pictures, but I got over it!

Here is another one though this is from the museum on top of the Palatine Hill in Rome and is called a campana plaque. Perseus is giving Medusa's head to Athena. If I remember the myth, Perseus used his shield to look at Medusa and kill her since he would be turned to stone if he looked at her directly.

Having no hordes of slaves to do my bidding, I'm just trying to recover my chairs.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Too much technology?

I have been trying to migrate my photos and internet use from my old computer to my new computer. I thought that I would never use all the hard drive on the old computer in a million years. Until I bought a digital camera. Now, I have no disk space. The new computer is running Vista. Vista seems to have issues. Like, I think it's a control freak. I didn't really seem to like blogger so I post on my old computer. But there is no space to download new photos on the old computer. So, I am half on my old computer and half on my new computer. Plus, I decided to buy an external hard drive for backup and then start this blog

The new computer is on my cooktop, too. So, I can't cook until I resolve some of these issues. Sigh. This isn't the photo I wanted to post, but it will do and it makes me happy.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Night

Arghhhhh! It's already Sunday night. Soon I will have to go to sleep and my weekend will be over. I managed to read most of the archived posts of "The Confessions of a Pioneer Woman" this weekend. Until guilt made me get up from my lollygagging around ass and go do my chores. They need to invent a new multitasking device, a virtual screen so I can surf the web while treadmilling or sewing or vacuuming. Yep, that's the ticket. The ultimate multitasking device. Geeks, get to it.