Sunday, October 28, 2007

Italian footwear fetish

I love Italian shoes. It took a serious amount of talking to myself to not buy these even though they came in pink and purple. I can't imagine wearing these on the streets of Rome, Florence, Naples or Sorrento.

These were even harder to resist because I could have actually worn them without breaking an ankle. Except, I could not think of one social function where I would wear them. But it still took some serious self talking! Those are Swarovski crystals which could explain the price (about $450 US.) Thank God I don't have a social life.

I think that the Italian obsession with shoewear goes back a long time. Here is a rather intricate leather sandal. Definitely not for long marches or police work. They look like a kind of summer sandal.

Here is a very light sandal with a slim strap with what looks like a heart shape.

And these are a pair of men's sandals. Serious, ___kicking shoes. Embossed leather, soft fabric collar with the mini-lion heads. I can't imagine what they would sell for in today's time, although, I admit, I can't imagine any guys I know wearing them. Pity.

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