Sunday, November 11, 2007

The glory that was Rome

This is my favorite photo of the Colosseum. In sepia tones. I think what surprised me the most about ancient Rome is that it is built of brick and mortar. The Romans invented concrete, and it is a testament to their building prowess that much of it is still around. The Flavians built the Colosseum, Vespasian and his son Titus (who conquered Israel and used it's wealth to rebuild Rome after a brief civil war, more on him later). Here is a section of the inside of the Colosseum showing a high concrete to brick ratio.

And a nice cut away, almost cross-sectional view. From the upper level, you can spy on these guys.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is off to a beautiful start! I love it. Are you living in Italy or just vacationing? The photos are great. Thanks for posting them :)

sognatrice said...

Echoing the praise of your photos--just lovely :)

homebody at heart said...

Thank you guys!