Sunday, May 18, 2008

Arezzo - Part 2, Pottery Obsession - Part 1

I've always loved pottery. Maybe it is because I love the handmade and the artisan-crafted. Maybe it is because I grew up in a time when people were starting to reject products of mass production. Or maybe, because it is so beautiful and yet meant for everyday use. So when I happened upon the Archaeological Museum in Arezzo, I sort of hit a bonanza of pottery. First, there was this plaque called a campana plaque not because they are from Campania but because the man who first catalogued them was named Campana. I kept coming back to this plaque trying to envision the house it must of graced. Not a grand and ostentatious home meant to impress, but a simpler home, cottage-like with tastefully chosen decorative elements . Whoever, had it made must have had a lovely garden, a pond and tadpoles.
Then, I came upon this pleasing pottery called bucchero.
These lovely, rounded bucchero pots were even more beautiful.
This pottery was locally made with a slip glaze causing the final product to have a reddish color. This is called Arezzo ware or Arretine ware. There is an entire exhibit room full of Arezzo ware. It is amazing to look at the craftmanship on this goblet.
In case you're wondering how such a delicate design was put upon the goblet, there are shelves full of little moulds like these that have been found.
They kind of remind me of little butter moulds I have.
All in all, the Archaeological Museum in Arezzo is quite the find. While the collection may not compare in historical significance to the treasures in the museums in Rome, Florence and Naples, it is nontheless truly a wonderful treasure worth visiting even if you are not pottery obsessed!

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