Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Still Life, Italian in 10 Words a Day

Flowers in a Laura Ashley blue chintz pitcher. Fiori nella blu chintz brocca da Laura Ashley.

La giungla aspetta...

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Italian Words of the Day:
Parole italiane del giorno:
1. dettaglio > dettagli - detail(s)
2. svolazzare - to flutter ( past participle - svolazzato)
3. scendere - to go down (past participle - sceso)
4. salire - to go up (past participle - salito)
5. accendere - to turn on (past participle - acceso)
6. spegnare - to turn off (past participle - spento)
7. lo spicchio - piece, slice, (clove of garlic or segment of citrus)
8. il bagliore - flash, dazzling light
9. un bagliore di speranza - a ray of hope
10. raccoglimento - meditation


Saretta said...

Hi there Homebody! You take lovely photos, you know? Have you ever taken ikebana lessons? I need some advice...I like the way you put youtube links in your blog entries, how do you do that?

Massim. said...

Ciao! Grazie per il link che ricambio con piacere.
Molto bello il tuo blog, tornerò a visitarlo.
Un saluto!

homebody at heart said...

Thanks Saretta, I just wish I had some better daily subject matter... No, I've never taken ikebana lessons but I would like to someday...If you want to embed a video from You Tube, play the video there and in the upper right hand corner, you will see the embed code. I usually go to the customize button and select, remove related videos, so that when the video plays on my blog, other-related videos are not shown after it finishes. It looks a little cleaner. I've about run out of Claudio B. videos, as he has a site on You Tube, and the embed codes have been removed and other less popular singers, don't seem to have music videos, at least, of my favorite songs. I love Ron's song, L'amore è una bombola di gas but apparently, there is no music video for it. And, really Pino's videos were shockingly ... bad. He should do some live music videos where he projects his vivaciousness better! Good luck! I can't wait to see what you post. And, I see that Claudio B. did a benefit concert, in Molfetta.

Oh, and sometimes I paste the embed code onto a blank word processing page, re-select it, then copy and paste it into my post. The entire code doesn't always make it onto the post directly from a cut a past from You Tube, I don't know why.


Grazie a Lei! Che bello photo blog di Roma, una città che amo molta. Thanks for stopping by!

Saretta said...

Okay...thanks for the advice. I'll give it a try soon!