Sunday, January 4, 2009

More Fleece Madness

I got a bit caught up in the no sew, fleece quilt mania. I had lots of fun making the "quilts" and even got my sister caught up in the madness. Here is a another, cute flower print.

I made this no sew 49'er football quilt for my dad. He also got a nice neck scarf. I actually sewed the fabric into a tube then fringed and tied the ends so his could be a double thickness. Since his bypass heart surgery, he has had trouble staying warm and always wants to have his shoulders covered with a blanket. The back of his quilt is a cute generic football print.

Here is a single thickness, camoflauge scarf I made for my nephew. I didn't think he would wear a neck scarf, but since it is camo....

Then, after Christmas, I found this adorable western print. I have made two quilts with this fabric, one with a dark brown backing and one with a green (like grass) backing in between Christmas, New Years and going to work. (Unfortunately and quite irritatingly, my camera has been pretty temperamental lately, so, I can't seem to take a photo of the finished quilts. I made my sister a pretty, Hawaiin tropical print quilt, but I just can't get a photo of it that isn't completely dark.) I was thinking of making some pillows with the western print but I got a whole 'nother pillow thing going on right now as well as a couple of other projects I will post on later.
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