Monday, May 11, 2009

Wild Horses

This is the third quilt I have in progress. It is almost ready to go to be finished on the long-arm quilting machine. I've been waiting to finish this quilt for about 5 years. I say waiting and not working on as all I needed was just a bit of off-white bandanna fabric seen under the backing on the pieced front. I still have to sew on a strip to the backing as it has to be 6 inches longer than the front and it is a tad short. I'll get it back in about 4-6 weeks after I take it in then just have to hand finish the trim. Someday, I suppose I will hand-quilt my pieces but not until I have a lot more time! (Although, I am debating about hand tying yellow thread here and there on the front to look like grass.)


Anonymous said...

Do you have problems with carpal tunnel? My mother in law does quilting and has that problem and is now doing knitting.

homebody at heart said...

Hi Abe,

No, I don't have carpal tunnel from quilting because I don't hand quilt. I piece my quilts by machine then have them quilted on the long arm machine. I wish I knew how to knit but it doesn't appear to be something within my skill set, though I wish it were! Thanks for stopping by!