Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

This year, the urge to decorate for Christmas returned to me. Er, I can't believe that I have all of this stuff, but evidently, I do. I decided not to buy a big tree because there really isn't room for one as you can see from the photo of my, very small living room.

But, I have a few, little trees like this mini one. It has the red, painted bowtie pasta ornaments that my niece and nephew made in pre-school. My niece painted hers very meticulously covering the entire pasta. My newphew's was painted with a few broad strokes. I'm sure he tolerated the pasta painting for just a few moments before running off to play with all the other little boys. That's him in the photo probably about the age he painted the pasta.

Here is a trio of trees with some of my favorite ornaments.

The round pottery ornaments were too precious to hang on the tree.

I seem to have a lot of santas.

A lot.

I wanted to have the ornaments out that would have hung on the tree. So I placed them here and there on platters or baskets. It made me feel very festive!

Here is another little western table with barbed wire trees and an overdresed coyote.

And, of course, the Holy Family with a few Magi. I enjoyed Christmas so far this year, so much so that I am really looking forward to next year. And, in between, I wish everyone a very, Merry Christmas and a hopeful next year.


Tui said...

Your living room looks super-cozy and so inviting! I'm glad you felt the urge to decorate, and I hope you had a lovely holiday.

Btw, I wanted you to know that I wasn't sure what to make of those Texan books either. I experience as much culture shock here as I have when I lived in Italy and Belgium!

Anyway, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your comments. It really encourages me! :)

Happy New Year!!!

homebody at heart said...

Well, I always mean to be encouraging, but everyone has their oops moments! You blog is one of my favorites to read and I'm so glad you're back at it!