Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday Still Life

The weekend went by so quickly and peacefully.  Yesterday, I was up in my sewing room at 8 in the morning trying to decide what to do. Then, I heard on the radio it was going to rain so I thought I'd better clean out the rain gutters.  One thing lead to another, trim the tree, cut the grass, rake up leaves, sweep the street gutter, clean the storm drains for our area, then the creative energy of the day was spent.  And then no rain.  Today, it rained pretty much all day so I was free for creative pursuits and sewed at my leisure.  I had the windows open to air out the house and left them open until late afternoon.  The rain seems to have cleaned the dust from the air and streets making it feel almost spring like.  It doesn't seem much like fall and I'm not ready for winter.  Hence, the pastel gerberas.


mental mosaic said...

Beautiful bouquet for autumn!

Isn't it nice how rain gives us permission to put off outdoor chores?

I haven't been to your blog in a while, I need to look around some more!

homebody at heart said...

Hi Tui,

Yes, and it gave me permission not to do the inside chores either!