Friday, July 1, 2011

My little chickenettes

There they are at the bottom right.  They are a french breed called cuckoo marans.  They are a bit spoiled and hoping to get a treat.  Lately, it has been a blueberry or two.  This is their chicken coop but I call it the chicken pavilion.  When I was rehabbing the backyard, I couldn't decide what to do with this old gazebo.  I was on the verge of having it disassembled and carted off.  The canvas cover had rotted away and it was looking quite shabby.  I had looked into buying a replacement cover but it cost more than what I had originally paid for the gazebo.  And, when I was trying to decide what configuration to make the chickens new coop to keep them safe from cats and marauding possums, everything I thought of was looking a bit like something Ma and Pa Kettle or the Beverly Hillbillies pre-oil strike would have.  So, I had it made into the coop by having chicken wire tied to it.  Posts are set into the ground to hang the dutch doors and I had some lovely garden trellises that I had about incorporated into the frame.  I think it turned out quite lovely and fitting for my little french hens.

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