Monday, September 19, 2011

More squash, eek!

Here is a lovely bucolic scene from the National Heirloom Exposition.  Is bucolic the right word?  Hmm.  I grew these pumpkins a couple of years ago.  They have a vining habit so they vined my entire back yard.  Kinda like the zucchino rampicante this year.

The pumpkins went from lovely, deeply lobed pumpkins to increasing warty and crusty.

Then, they grew large and

somewhat freakish.   Note the people in the background for scale.  Apparently, after a certain time, the pumpkins must be moved to a pallet so they can be transported via a pallet jack.  Feeding the pumpkins so they wont' lose an ounce to see who will win the contest. 

Even without a scale, I'm guessing it was this guy below.  I think it even had a custom built pallet.  It reminded my of Jabba the Hut from the movie Star Wars.  I'm not sure it wasn't two pumpkins grown together from the seam.

God, I love squash!

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