Friday, December 30, 2011

Quilt in Progress

Here is my Norwegian medieval quilt in progress.  I still have elements to work out.  Since the diamond blocks are at a 60 degree angle, they will not make a 45 degree angle, so I must figure out how the diamond sections are going to mesh with the cross pieces.  I still haven't decided the end corners yet either.

Originally, I have the blue block in the middle of the cross but it looks a bit out of place.  The blue block was going to be appliqued or pieced like a small, stained glass window to represent the window in the cathedral in Trondheim.

The diamonds represent shingles on a stave church roof.  I tried out random placing versus rows and thought the rows looked more roof-like.  Stave church roofs can have a number of levels, topped by a smaller roof.  Some roof timber ends have carved dragon-
like finials.  For the shingles, I chose fabrics that I thought might be recycled from finery.  I wanted to put in a wavy path encircling the quilt but I might just put a wide border with curly elements in it because the quilt's name originally was "All Roads Lead to Nidaros" as in the pilgrim's trail.  Still a ways to go to finish up the layout before I start piecing but when I look at it at random, I like it.

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