Monday, December 10, 2007

It's all in the details

I love my digital camera. When I go to a museum, I like to photograph everything. I can't believe how much I would forget or miss if I didn't have a photo. Plus, I use my photos as my screensaver to savor the moments of my vacation. Here are some photos of roman and greek vases. What fascinates me is not what is happening in the image but the details of the image. In this vase, hmmm, I think that the young man is expressing his affection (?) for the lady and the young man holding a ladle seems a bit dejected. But, look at the clothing they are wearing and the quality fabric. Even more fascinating to me is that the bed/sofa has a patchwork covered mattress and a loose box pleat dust ruffle. Holy, Macys catalog.

These two well-dressed soldiers appear to be playing draughts while on duty. The soldier on the right is wearing a flowered cape. And both of them are wearing embroidered capris (the shorts, not the island).
And somehow, I think the costume designers for the movie Troy saw this vase as Paris and Hector were wearing very similar outfits in the movie.

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