Sunday, December 2, 2007

One that didn't get away

I happened across these, three lovely pooches on my visit to Sorrento. The man watching them told me they were waiting for his daughter to return from shopping across the street. As, I had my camera at the ready, I snapped a few pictures. Their master tried to get them to look me so I could get a proper photo. But they had a mission from God and they could not be distracted by such foolishness.


Anonymous said...

Very cute. Reminds me of the grandfather's dogs in "Moonstruck".
Yes, I am unfortunate enough to have windows vista. IE keeps shutting down on me. Firefox seemed better but I was still having problems. The shop I purchased the comp at was no help but I spent 2 hours on the phone with the manufacturer and..fingers crossed. Maybe I can post about pizzelles today! yay!

homebody at heart said...

I am really embarrassed that I haven't noticed/responded to these comments before! Sorry, Maryann!