Monday, April 13, 2009

The New Mama

Posted by Picasa(click on the photo to get a better look at her)
I walked by this mourning dove nesting on a stack of earth boxes under a shovel in my sister's side walkway. I couldn't believe she had made her nest under a shovel. I hope she and her babies don't get eaten by a cat or attacked by the very territorial blue jay that inhabits the the backyard. I didn't want to get too close to take the photo and disturb her from her nest. When my sister has to walk by her she just doesn't look at her and pretends she doesn't notice her. She didn't budge from her nest and we all figured she must be a first time mama. We are keeping our fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

I love doves and had one as a pet when I was younger. They don't seem to be the smartest bird in creation, but they are so gentle. I hope no one moves that shovel! haha

homebody at heart said...

Me too, Maryann!