Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oslo - good stuff for science nerds, too!

Argh!!! This sexy guy was at the University of Oslo Paleontological Museum.
He kind of has attitude, don't ya think?

I thought this guy was kinda cute with that smirky grin. He doesn't look nearly as frightening as the T-Rex above, but somehow I think that he had a pretty good bite, too, with his almost beak-like mouth and jaw...

And speaking of birds, here is a lovely fossil archaeopteryx, the evolutionary bridge between dinosaurs and birds, but I'm not sure if he isn't a cast of the original one in Berlin. But more so, I'm sure that birds definitely evolved from dinosaurs.

I love what this is called in Norwegian, glimmer!

Here is another mica called muscovite, in english.

It's good to be a science nerd in Norway! So, three days in Oslo (the first day was kind of a bust because that was the day I arrived and I didn't get much done). But, I made up for it on the second day and by the third I really came to love Oslo and hated to leave. But leave I did to head towards the beautiful town of Bergen and the fjords.

One last photo from the botanical garden near the Paleo Museum.

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