Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vigeland Sculpture Park, Frogner Park Oslo, Norway

So, I am back from my European sojourn. It was a bit more territory than I usually cover in a vacation, but since I hadn't been in a while, I think I just bit off as much as I could. I landed in Oslo,Norway, one of the 2 places I had been to before of all the places I went, if I don't count the airport in Amsterdam. I think that I could take up residence in Schipol Airport. They have a meditation area in the airport where I gravitated to as I had a bit of a layover before my connecting flight to Oslo. Some guy got the last comfortable seat before me but I found another chair near the massage station to listen to the young man playing the baby grand piano there. They also had a mini-museum of art from the Reichsmuseum that was the beginning of all the art was I going to soon be seeing...

So, to begin in the beginning, I got up in the morning early before anything was open to go for a walk, because I could. I knew I was near the Frogner Park so, I just took off down the street from my residence. Eventually, I had to ask someone waiting for a bus for directions. He pointed to a dirt path just a few hundred meters up the road and said to take that and I would get there. So, I followed this path up a trail along and over a stream through a canopy of forest tree cover till I came up into a flat area of rose gardens and eventually made my way here. I wished I had taken photos of the trail but it was probably too dark anyway.

The park was very peaceful and relaxing until a bus load of giggling, tourists showed up to the Vigeland Sculpture Park to take photos of the sculptures in various stages of life without clothes.

I think the Norwegians are among the top flower landscapers in all of the cities I visited (except with the possibility of Versailles).

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