Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Garden tour 2011 part 2

This is the producing part of the garden.  I differ from a lot of gardeners whose main purpose is growing food.  I love flowers!  So this is my raised bed of zinnias.  There are more zinnias in tubs and other flowers tucked in here and there.  They serve a purpose other than just for my pleasure and they bring a variety of bees and other pollinating bugs into the garden.  And, they are probably biggest cash value crop since I won't have to buy flowers at the store.

This is looking back at the zinnias.  My tomato plants are huge!  Because I put the garden in so late, I just picked my first tomatoes today, a purple Russian.  They were so delicious.  It may have been the best tasting tomato I've ever eaten in my life.

Here is a baby heirloom squash nestled in with the chocolate cosmos and oregano.  This variety is a vining type and and just migrated everywhere.

Here is what the zucchino rampicante looks like mature.  To tell the truth, I have been so busy trying to eat the zucchini and yellow crook neck squash, I haven't tried these yet.  I am saving them for winter squash.  They are supposed to taste like artichoke and are used in ravioli and gnocchi.

My sister weighs all of her garden's bounty.  I wish I had done it so I could say how many pounds of squash I have grown, so far.  But, I have started to count all of the eggs my little chickenettes have laid.  It is quite a sense of satisfaction having a squash omelet for breakfast all produced from my little town backyard.  In the heat of summer, my thoughts are already turning to what I will be planting for this winter.

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