Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yummy goodness!

Here are some of the beautiful eggs from my chickenettes!  They are still young girls, so their eggs are small.  Sometimes they forget to put a shell on their eggs.  I don't let that stop me from eating them, though, I usually cook those ones up right away.  Right now, one of the hens is laying speckled eggs.  I think eventually they will be solid and darker.


Here they are doing their thing.  Eating.  They eat grow mix.  I switched them to lay mash but they went off their feed.  It was hot and the gal down at the feed store said that corn made them hot.  So, I guess it was too hot for them so I had to go and buy some grow mix but not the medicated feed they eat when they are little.  Then, I had to buy some oyster shell to add to the grow mix.  The chickenettes are spoiled.  They like tomatoes, cantaloupe rinds and seeds, watermelon, tree branches from my fruit trees and certain weeds.  I have to say, I look for weeds to pull in the garden to give them a treat.  They also have lots of activities they can do in their chicken coop.  The large terra cotta saucer is their "pool".  They like to wade through it when it is hot plus, I think they don't like dirty feet, so they will walk through the water to get the dirt off them.  They can also hop up on various objects and sit on their bench and stare out at the yard.  They can also be obstacles when they are racing around the coop trying to chase down a bug!  They are sweet, sweet girls and I like to give them a treat when I find eggs in the henhouse.  I think they know what they are supposed to do, don't you?


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