Sunday, March 16, 2008

San Francisco Flower and Garden Show

These are some of my favorite things from the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show.

These was the booth of Mediterranean Pots . The owner is from Spain and goes back to find them. They vary in age up to 120 years old and have had many uses in their life. They were absolutely gorgeous and used in a lot of the exhibit gardens.
I think that this was my favorite exhibit garden. It was a little other world. Like Science Fiction world. We last came to this show in 2005 and this has to be my all time favorite garden by Studio Replica, Inc. . I meant to return to their booth to get some cast eucalyptus stepping stones for my own landscaping, but after 7 hours on my feet, I kinda pooped out. That just means I'll have to make a future trip to Petaluma. Darn.

I couldn't resist buying some succulents to add to my collection as they were a common theme in many of the exhibits here. And combined with other strange looking foliage.

We had to take a break as the show covered about 5 acres, so we parked ourselves in front of the booth for Filoli Gardens and looked at this lovely arrangement of tullips, hyacinths and daffies for a while. I also managed to buy a lovely clock and some plaques from artist Angus Macaulay which he signed, some pretty wild looking poppies from Annie's Annuals and a sort of hydroponic gardening starter kit so I can grow my own organic lettuce. Then we loaded up, drove to Japantown to do even more shopping, especially at Kinokuniya, the always interesting bookstore, where I had to buy some books on Japanese quilting, had a nice tempura dinner then drove home. Whew. Now, if the weather would only cooperate, I could get all my plants settled and the yard going. Are you listening weather?


mental mosaic said...

Ya gotta love spring! And I must say that as much as I love Italian food, I truly miss Mexican and Asian fare... and shopping at Uwajimaya's in Seattle. Ciao! :)

homebody at heart said...

Oh, Tui, I meant to answer you on this one but must have forgot. I did go to a Japanese restaurant in Naples. It is on Via Toledo. It wasn't bad, but they did have some interesting charges on our bill!