Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nidaros Cathedral Trondheim

People ask me why I went to Trondheim. I don't know why that is a question that crosses their mind when I think that Trondheim may be the most beautiful Norwegian city that I visited. Yes, Oslo and Bergen are nice and I didn't make it to Ă…lesund, a city rebuilt in the art nouveau style after it burnt down. But, Trondheim has a transcendental,almost ethereal feeling. Like magic (cue Abba, even though they are Swedish). The cathedral is made out of this blue gray stone. I am sure that it is quarried locally. The photos are not adjusted for color. This is it.

The west wall. If you want to see the window from the inside, click here. As, I bypassed the cathedral to go somewhere else, I didn't see it from the inside. I planned on returning later, to go inside and see the bishops palace, however, I didn't check the hours of opening and they closed just as I got there.

Oh, my, heads on a platter. Evidently, these poor fellows were decapitated and their uncle, the bishop found them.

Jesus on the cross. I'm not sure who the knight shaking his fist at Jesus is, a Knight Templar?

Adam and Eve. They don't look that embarrassed to be naked. We are in Scandinavia, after all.

I just love the gargoyle rain spouts. Wish I had them on my rain gutters.

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