Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Trondheim, Part Two

Who couldn't love this face? This is the Vitenskaps Museum on Erling Skakkes Gate in Trondheim (and just who is Erling Skakke)? I was drawn to this place like a moth to a flame. The Vitenskap. As far as I can tell, vitenskap means science. I know, it's kinda cheesy, nevertheless, I had to resist the urge to smooth his whiskers back and scratch him behind the ears.

This reminded me so much of the Museum of Natural History in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. As a small child, my parents would take us there on Sundays (my dad later confessed that we went there on Sundays because it and the Steinhart Aquarium were free that day!) There, my mom would hold my hand as I walked down this ginormous hall with dioramas of stuffed animals from Africa. I would stare wide-eyed at these dead and stuffed animals and I could not image why in the world anyone would want to kill animals, stuff them and display them in fake "natural" scenes behind glass.

There was a lot of interesting stuff in the Vitenskaps museet, including a pretty decent American Indian section. I went to look at Viking treasure bling, ever in search of design inspiration. I can't say I found inspiration there but doesn't 14 look a lot like a chopping board? Well, I guess chopping boards been around a long time.
Here is a lovely statue. It was rather peaceful. The statue is called An-Magritt of Hovistuten a character in a novel by Johan Falkbergets and erected in his memory. The work is by Kristofer Leirdal who just passed away in July at the age of 95. I like the simpleness, straightforwardness and power of the statue.

It is in front of the Ilen church or kirke. I liked the tile patterns on the church's roof.

Oh, here is the beautiful Nidelva or Nid river. Elva means river in Norwegian and I think I prefer to say, the Nidelva because it suits the river better.

I had been searching for a few pebbles to bring back with me as a memory of Norway but hadn't seen anything visually appealing. That is what I say when someone asks me why I chose to collect certain stones. I can't always explain why I pick one rock over another except that I find it more visually appealing. Anyhoo, I was explaining my dilemma to the hotel clerk and asked him where I might find such appealing little stones and asking him to forgive my weirdness. But not to worry, he said he did the same thing himself on vacation. So, he drew a path on my map and this is where it led.

I thought the undulating balconies of these apartments where very appealing plus all of the flowers!

More lovely homes!

I had to photograph this climbing hydrangea. I couldn't believe a hydrangea could grow this far north and survive the winters.

Trondheim was full of surprises including this classic, Chevy Nova. Look at that wax job! I couldn't resist taking a photo! Evidently, there is an American muscle car club in Trondheim. I could hear them revving their engines and pealing out from my hotel room on my first night in Trondheim. Then, they were busy cruising the streets the next day. As you might imagine, the drivers of these cars are not teenagers! Well, they might have been when these cars were new!

I came out to this really, quaint group of buildings. Trondheim was full of surprises but more were yet to come!

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