Sunday, October 10, 2010

Trondheim, Part Three

So, as I had been criss-crossing Trondheim Torg, near my hotel, they had been setting up for a concert all day.  The Torg is plaza with a granite column with a statue of Olaf Tryggvason, the Viking founder of Trondheim.  I asked someone who seemed to be  part of the setting up, what was up?  Well, it seems that they had been having the world orienteering games all week around Trondheim and this was to be the medal ceremony.  And, afterwards, there would be a concert by some local bands.  The speech making and awards would take about an hour.  I asked if the bands were good and she thought they were very good and to come back later.

I returned just a bit before the ceremonies were over.  Here they are, the medal winners.  The Norwegian won first place, of course!

Then, the bands started.  I thought this artist had a bit of promise.  Don't know his name, but he is a student at the same college in England that one of the Beatles had gone to.

Oh, this singer had quite an enthusiastic following.  I couldn't get a photo of her without the two gentlemen in the foreground.
This guy was pretty good.  He had been touring Europe as a tribute artist to Jerry Lee Lewis.  Had a pretty good rendition of Great Balls of Fire.
Oh, and I really liked the shoes this lady was wearing but before I could find out where to buy them, she left.  Darn!  Well, if anyone knows, please let me know!

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