Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chocolate croissants

For a while, my sister and I were on a mission to find decent croissants somewhere in a 200-mile radius of where we live here in California. They were just too hard to make and didn't turn out like the real (code: like they taste in France) croissants. We went to bakeries in Pleasanton, Walnut Creek, San Francisco and even incorporated bakeries into a trip we took to Los Angeles to see the King Tut Exhibit a few years back. Then we gave up. Because, a) we were puttin' on weight going to all those bakeries and b) the croissants just weren't even close to what real croissants are supposed to taste like. Oh yeah, and we even lowered our standards. But, we had to draw the line somewhere. Croissants should be flaky and not like bread. But low and behold, one day I received a mail circular from Trader Joe's advertising frozen chocolate croissants.

There is only on catch. They must proof or rise for 9 hours. Which means before you go to bed if you want to have fresh croissants in the morning. They look like this in the evening.

Then they look like this the next morning. Brush on a little egg wash.

Then voila. Chocolate croissants. Okay, they are not exactly like french croissants but its been awhile since I've been there but it is the closest I'm getting to a real croissant until I do.

And, don't even get me started on what real Danish pastry tastes like.

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Chocolate croissants were my go-to with my morning cappuccino... YUM. It does get frustrating not being able to find them (great ones I mean) The one I posted about in Las Vegas was NOT good.;(