Saturday, February 23, 2008


(The Raphael Rooms, Vatican Museum)

I'm always fascinated by the Raphael Rooms in the Vatican. Most of the vast amounts of people are busy looking at the upper parts of the rooms. I prefer to look at the lower half. Because, just who are these people? Are they ghosts? The nameless, ordinary, everyday folk whose mundane lives provide the goods and work so the rich may live a life of luxury. I don't know what the first man is holding. Maybe a plow? And the last? At first I thought it was a paddle for a boat. But maybe it is a bread paddle. Maybe they're the bread guild? Above those folks are these murals.

This is Constantine battling Maxentius at the Milvian Bridge. Supposedly, Constantine had a dream the night before the battle where a cross appeared to him saying he would win the battle. He did and legalized Christianity.

The Disputa

The School of Athens

Some say that Raphael snuck into see Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel and was so impressed with the work that he changed his style and added Michaelangelo to the scene. He is the one on the lower left, sitting at the block of marble.


Anonymous said...

I love when you post these works. I think maybe the top picture..they are threshing wheat?
The Disputa..this was pictured in my home church, but I never knew there was a bottom half :)

homebody at heart said...


I don't know what the first guy is holding but it didn't look like a scythe to me. They usually have a blade. I thought it looked like a small wooden plow. And, I'm glad you can see the rest of the mural!