Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Perfect San Francisco Day

Instead of doing all the things I need to be doing in the yard. I decided to go to San Francisco for the day. I have been meaning to go to the Legion of Honor to see the special exhibit on Marie-Antoinette and her hideaway, the Petite Trianon at Versailles. This was the next to last weekend of the show. In my opinion, the Legion of Honor is the finest museum on the West Coast. I only limit it to the West Coast because I have not been to the East Coast.

Tucked away up in the avenues are Rodin sculptures, Roman antiquities, china and the finest collection of European art I have seen outside of Europe. I went one day when my dad was in the hospital for two weeks after he had open heart surgery. In the mid-week when it first opened, it was like my own, personal private museum. Small and intimate. So when we made our plans to go, I wanted to be there when the doors first opened. That didn't quite happen. We got their about eleven and the place was cooking. I guess lots of people wanted to see Marie-Antoinette before she left town.
This is the view of the Golden Gate Bridge from near where we parked.

After we saw the special exhibit and the regular exhibits, we went here for a late lunch.
I had my favorite sandwich, fresh dungeness crab on sliced sourdough bread with cheese melted on top while we gazed at the view from our table. They have amazingly happy waiters here. I can't imagine why.

This is Ocean Beach and all I wanted to do after lunch was to lay down in the sand and take a nap. The day was absolutely gorgeous. Then, the fog started to roll in. Being native San Franciscans, we knew it was time to make our exit. Can you find the windmill in the photo? Oh yeah, it's there, part of Golden Gate Park.

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