Monday, June 9, 2008

Italian in 10 words a day - lunedì

As I've not been very good about studying my italian lessons, I've decided to take my lessons online and post 10 words to learn a day whenever possible. When I tried this at first, I had a bit of difficulty due to being under the influence (legally and medically) of vicodan. I kept having to look up the word, allora. They say allora on italian TV about every 30 seconds. So after about the 6th time I had to look up the word allora in my dictionary, I thought, this is going to be tough, if I can even remember what one stinking word means for 5 minutes. Needless to say, I decided to quit the vicodan that very epiphanous moment and stick with the italian. After a while, I was able to memorize 7-8 of the 10 words a day almost instantly, since the brain is like a muscle, in that if you don't use it, you'll lose it. Then, I take all the words and write them on flash cards to review before I go to sleep or when I'm out walking. At the end of the week, the words I have trouble with go into the special pile of words I have trouble with for further flash carding.
Here's the word that peaked my interest yesterday - barocco. I watched an award show called Barocco on RAI. Massimo Moratti of the Inter Football Club won one. Surely, barocco must mean something similar to an award? No? No. Anyhoo, my list got stuck in the b's. I just love reading the dictionary don't you? Here's where my niece usually says I'm so weird.

1. barocco - baroque (as in the a style of art, over the top)
2. baracca - shed, hut (like Barack-a Obama just a memory technique )
3. baffi - mustache
4. basetta - sideburn
5. barbiere - barber (crossfile under carriere - career)
6. barba - beard (farsi la barba - to shave oneself)
7. barbuto - bearded
8. i bassifondi - the slums
9. barella - stretcher
10 barzelletta - joke or funny story

P.S. I went and got the man killing size dictionary and it says barocco = baroque. And, please anyone, feel free to correct me.


Cherrye at My Bella Vita said...

Girl I can't correct you. Those are 10 ... ok 7 new words for me, too!

Grazie mille!

homebody at heart said...


That is encouraging to me, so maybe I don't need to learn the entire dictionary!