Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Italian in 10 words a day - piante e fiore

Today's word list in Italian is about plants and flowers.

Pianta, piante - plants
margherita - daisy
rosa - rose
rose - roses
rosaio - rose bush
arbusto - shrub
arbusti - shrubbery
felce - ferns
verde - greenery,also the color green
ciclamino - cyclamen
lilla - lillac
giglio - lily
mughetto - lily of the valley
lavanda - lavender
violetta - violets (violetto is the color violet)
viola - pansy
vaso - vase, flower pot
semi - seeds
girasole, girasoli - sunflower, sunflowers
garofano - carnation
bocca de leone - snapdragon
giancint0 - hyacinth

These flowers need no translations:

and one of my favorite flowers - scabiosa

What are your favorite flowers?

P.S. I'm still reviewing so the list is longer than 10 words but soon, I'll be whittling them down to 10 new words.

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