Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Italian in 10 words a day - Veggies!

Okay, I know this is another list larger than 10 words, but they are review and believe it or not, posting them on the internet has motivated me work on my italian lessons this last week. Today's review list is verdure or vegetables. Yes, I know that tomatoes are really fruits and mushrooms aren't really veggies, they are more likely to be part of insalati (salads) or contorni (side dishes) than desserts. I wish I knew the most popular word for corn in italian but I cannot figure out what it is. Any help out there? In the dictionary, the word is listed as grana. But if you look up grana, it says it means wheat. To further complicate matters, my italian cooking magazines use grana for a sort of generic cheese when you don't specify parmesan or pecorino.

aglio - garlic
asparago - asparagus
barbabietola - beet
bietola - chard
carota - carrot
cavolfiore - cauliflower
carciofo - artichoke
cavolo - cabbage (can be used as a mild cuss word, Cabbage!)
cetriolo - cucumber
cipolla - onion, cipolletta - green onion
cipollina - shallot
fagiole - beans
fagiolino - green bean
finocchio - fennel (slang for homosexual, also)
funghi - mushrooms
lattuga - lettuce
melanzana - eggplant
patata - potato
peperone - pepper
piselli - peas
pomodoro - tomato
porri - leeks
prezzemolo - parsley
sedano - celery
spinaci - spinach
zucca - squash

Any other connoctations for any of the listed veggies? My portugese friend once told me, if you called a man an onion, it was a bad thing. But she didn't know exactly why.

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