Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Italian in 10 words a day - frutti

Today's volcabulary review list is a bit easier and shorter:

Tipo di frutta:
albicocca/che - apricot, albicocco, albicocchi apricot trees
ananas - pineapple
arancia - orange, arancio - orange tree
caco, cachi - persimmon
ciliegia/gie - cherry/ies - ciliegio - cherry tree
datturo - date
fico - fig (also used to describe someone, male or female (fica), who is good-looking)
fragola - strawberry
lampone - raspberry
limetta- lime
limone - lemon
mela - apple, melo - apple tree
melagrana - pomegranate, melograno - pomegranate tree
melone - melon
mora - blackberry
pera - pear
pesca/che - peach
susina - plum, susino - plum tree
frutti di mare - sea fruit, okay I'm just messing with you here because this is seafood.

oops I forgot uve - grapes, how could I!

Sometimes I feel as if I am in the 3rd grade looking up words to make sure I have spelled them correctly (I have trouble with the double consonants) or caught the words spell check has decided to change before I finally turned it off.

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