Thursday, June 19, 2008

Italian in 10 words a day - pesce, crostacei and frutti di mare

The review list is getting shorter! I'm not a big fish or seafood fan so why did I bother to learn these words? Because nothing is worse than ordering something you don't like! I love to eat dungeness crab and shrimp or fish and chips when I am in London, otherwise, I would just as soon avoid eating octopus, eel or what we always used for bait when my dad took us fishing - mussels. So, here is the list of foods, I'd rather not eat for the most part!

pesce, crostacei e frutti di mare fish, shellfish and seafood
lo squalo - shark
il salmone - salmon
spigola/branzino - bass
acciughe fresche - fresh anchovies
sogliola - sole
merluzzo - cod
gambaretto - shrimp
vongole - clams
calamari - squid
pesce spada - swordfish
cozze - mussels
granchio - crab
polpo/piovra - octopus
anguilla - eel

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