Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Keeping Cool - Italian in 10 words a day

It has been over one-hundred degrees here the last few days (and it's supposed to be for the next few days) and I have been practicing being Italian - which means I haven't turned on the air conditioning. Yet. So I decided to re-post this photo from the Villa d'Este to keep cool thoughts....I can just feel the lovely, cool water spraying me now...
And, I can think of myself maybe on my next vacation on the sailboat in the lower left-hand corner of the photo near Positano...
Or, perhaps just jetting down to Sorrento or Capri from Rome on this James Bond like speedboat ...
So, here are the words of the day:
1. il sogno - dream
2. Una barca a vela - sailboat
3. il mare - sea
4. la spiaggia - beach
5. la sabbia - sand
6. insieme - together
7. tonno - tuna (I forgot this the other day for seafood, and you want to know what this is just so you can/or don't want to order it on your pizza with onions)
8. mai - never
9. forse - maybe
10. carino/a-dear, sweetie or cute, use at your own discretion
And as Meg of Dolce and Nutella pointed out to me the other day, a mora, in addition to being a blackberry can also be a brunette.

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