Monday, July 28, 2008

A Thousand Cranes

A thousand cranes was the theme of my sister's recent wedding. She is a woman of a certain age and it was not her first marriage. But, she wanted her wedding to be special, different and to honor our mom who is no longer with us.
Yes, we made all these origami cranes. We figurativly. Mostly my niece and my sister's future daughter-in-law. All with the most beautiful washi (Japanese paper). We're not really sure that we made it to the thousand origami cranes ... even though I hosted a crane making party for the bride. Cranes are supposed to bring good luck and my sister wanted for us to share in her good luck in finding someone to love and marry.
The wedding chapel was large, there was not going to be a large wedding party to sort of fill the stage, as it were so we decided we needed a focal point so all people would notice were the bride and groom. Keeping with the Japanese theme, the groom decided he could build a tori gate to frame them, then decided he couldn't, then decided maybe, he'd better. (My sister said, I was getting sort of bossy, but hey, it paid off! Someone had to crack the whip.) Here they are assembling it in the chapel under the watchful eye of the groom's grandson. We also did the flowers for the reception room. Notice, the orange construction barrier in the background of the photo below? The country club forgot to tell the bride and groom that the grounds would be under construction during their reception! My sister handled it well. I don't think people really noticed.

Flower girl having her own mini-meltdown.
Yes, flower girl, I've known how you feel.Posted by Picasa

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