Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Still Life - Italian in 10 words a day

My latest treasure... I wanted a jug for flower arranging so was pretty pleased when I found this majolica jug (and yes, at a thrift store, it just has a few nicks but good enough for flowers) ... God knows there would be no way to haul something this heavy back on the plane especially now they are going to start charging for checked luggage.
I bought the little bowls in Amalfi, I think that they are olive pit bowls. And, the dishtowel is from Tuscany, I think when I was in Montepulciano. This was my mock up photo. I try to play around with colors to see what is brought out by the background. Here I used Japanese silk shibori scarves and a fake sunflower.

Words of the day:
1. ceramica - ceramic
2. ceramiche - ceramics (plural)
3. brocca - jug
4. brocche - jugs (plural)
5. asciugamano - towel
6. strofinaccio dei piatti - dish towel
7. sciarpa - scarf
8. ciotola - bowl
9. scodella - bowl
10. paniere - basket (with a handle)

I have trouble with some plural words. In Italian, masculine words generally end in o or a. Masculine/feminine words like ragazzo/ragazza are easily pluralized to ragazzi/ragazze but I need to work on the irregular pluralization like brocca to brocche and ceramica to ceramiche.

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