Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Wedding, Part 4

So, the flower girl recovered her composure, the ringbearer was a rock of responsibility and I think someone told them that Grandpa had candy in his pockets waiting for them at the end of the aisle! They zoomed by in a blur... and performed like troopers.
Of course, we have no photos of bride walking down the aisle here because her face was so puffy from her crying... or in the receiving line... As my Dad is not too churchy, the bride and groom kept the wedding vows short and simple. The minister was charming and gracious and even put his tie back on when we went outside to take more wedding photos. Oh, here it is all done, the groom kissing the bride.
See the silly, deliriously happy look on the bride's face? Yep, made the whole wedding.
Who couldn't be happy for her?Posted by Picasa
Then, it was time to chow down and have some of that cake!

So, back to the usual theme, the Italian words of the day:
1. matrimonio - wedding
2. sposa - bride
3. sposo - groom
4. gli sposi - the newlyweds
5. marito - husband
6. moglie - wife
7. anello - ring
8. patrimonio - heritage
9. benedetto - blessed
10. brindisi - toast

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