Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Still Life, Italian in 10 Words a Day

I haven't really been happy with the lighting for my still life photos and I have been wanting to try a different view or location to see if I could get more natural light. But first I have to, err, tidy up a bit so you couldn't see the pile(s) of books, Italian lessons and dust in the background!
This vase of my garden zinnias is my favorite. They are about a week old and have held up pretty well. I used the soft focus feature of Picasa on the photo below.
I'm still working on the Italian words in some of my previous posts, but here are a few Italian words for the day:
1. polvere - dust
2. aspirapolvere - vacuum cleaner
3. mettere in ordine - to tidy up
4. riordinare - to tidy up, reorganize
5. organizzarsi - to get organized (reflexive verb)
6. mettere via - to put away
7. sporco/a - dirty
8. pulito/a - clean
9. pulire - to clean
10. assai - a lot

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